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  1. Do Not Cheat - Cheating is completely inexcusable. Violating a game's Terms and Conditions, EULA, rules, policies, and otherwise is completely inexcusable. Any violations of these, including but not limited to hacking, stealing, cheating, etc. is grounds for an immediate ban. Those banned for cheating by an anti-cheat service will be treated as violators of this rule.

  2. Respect your Clanmates - Respect is something every person deserves, especially if they are a member of this clan. As such, you are to respect all fellow clanmates at all times. If you have a dispute with another member, go to a superior Officer or an administrator to help resolve the issue. Everyone is here to enjoy playing games and have fun. You are free to leave at any time if you don't wish to do either of those, in which case you should re-evaluate why you are gaming, to begin with.

  3. Do Your Job
    Each rank has a job to do in this clan. Hold up your end or be demoted or removed from the clan. If you are unsure of what your job is, speak to your recruitment officer, or any superior officer.

  4. Respect the Chain of Command
    Many members work hard to move up in rank. So there will be a strict Chain of Command. Any insubordination to a superior officer will be grounds for demotion or dismissal from the clan.


  1. Relevant Posts
    All posts should relate to the main post or should respond to any questions or queries that have been posted. Any posts that are otherwise unnecessary and are reported as spam may be deleted. Also, do not make posts that add nothing to a conversation.
    This means posts containing only quoted text, posts containing only phrases like "Yes," "Agreed," "Good Point," "LOL." While these things are okay within a post, a post containing only these things is unacceptable. Short posts or one-worded posts that offer no substance or that don't say much in forums that aren't Chit Chat aren't the best way to do things. One word posts will be evaluated by Justice on a case by case basis, which may be deleted depending on the context of the post.

  2. Handle Personal Complaints Personally
    Public forums are not the place to have make your personal disputes known. If you have a problem with another clan member that cannot be solved between the two of you, please speak to your Commanding Officer about it. If you have a problem with a staff member, please consult the Clan Lt. Commander or Clan Commander – preferably one you trust. Do not openly engage in direct and personal arguments on the forums.

  3. No Inappropriate Content
    GameHawk is not responsible for member posted content, we do not condone inappropriate material. This includes pornography and links to pornography and related sites, and links to or encouraging the use of illegal material (ROMs, Warez, Emulators, Illegal Downloads).

  4. Swear In Moderation Only
    Do not overuse curse words or offensive language in your posts, signature or chat. The occasional word is fine, but many in a short blurb of text is unacceptable. Ethnic, homophobic and other inappropriate slurs, however, will not be tolerated.

  5. Grammar
    We understand this is the internet, and posting a line in "1337 speak" occasionally to show sarcasm is one thing, however constantly talking in it is something else. You should be able to form coherent sentences, typing something like "lol kthx" is an insult to humanity, and posting in a manner that requires large effort for small points is frowned upon.

  6. Usernames
    Members of GameHawk are barred from using offensive usernames both in-game and on the website. Members represent the clan at all times, and inappropriate or offensive names do nothing to help the clan's reputation. If a username is thought to be inappropriate by any member or officer, the small council will vote to determine if the name is considered offensive. Recruits can be barred from joining if their username is offensive.

GameHawk Discord Rules

  1. Respect the other users, officers, and admins
  2. No channel hopping or mic spamming
  3. Hacking, denial of service and the distribution of malicious software is strictly forbidden
  4. Say what again. SAY WHAT again! And I dare you, I double dare you m****rf***er! Say what one more time.
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